Never Enough or Realizing Potential?

Conversations with my Higher Self and Guides: May 7th, 2024

"I was deceived"... "Why was I deceived?"

"Put down the burdens you oh so carry"

In dismay, "What burden do I carry?" 

"That you are never enough/not enough"

"I am enough, I know I am enough but why does it feel like I am put into places where it seems like I'm not?"

Through channeling (download received):
You wouldn't be in those situations or places if you were "not ready" or not enough. If anything you have to unlock it. Use it or in a sense "realize your potential". You already had it within you and with you, it is now just being shown and expressed to you, others, and everyone involved. You are not being put in places you are not needed but where you are and where you are wanting by god source and the divine. There is always a reason, purpose, and plan. What happens when you go in with that mindset? You are enough... you are well executed and more than enough? Look how you shine true to instead set your focus and attention on how to overcome or flourish. With the already knowing, knowledge, and or wisdom that you are enough. Look how you find the pieces to prove that true because it is true. Just have to find them, show them, unlock them, and reveal them. Instead of thinking how you are not. You can now see! Look how you are! Find the right pieces that fit. You are never not enough. You are golden, blessed, loved.

"Thank you"
"I am loved, cherished, and seen... it is an opportunity! To show my skills and be who I am!"
"I am ready!"

"Always so ambitious, excited, and in love with life. You are loved, cherished, and seen"

"You are so beautiful"


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