I have a long way to go to get to my endgame and, that's going to take time. For now I need to focus on improving myself. My field of vision is inclosing and imagination dwindling. I notice myself plateauing and I'm currently not in a position to be maintaining. I need to be growing... and shrinking (weight wise).

I'm Not Happy I am overweight and my hobbies have subsided. My hobbies are what keep me going and the hobbies I love and have been doing, I won't be able to do for awhile. If you've read my other posts, you've notice my whole website was mainly documented towards them. I'm not giving up, just postponing. This is just a side quest to my main storyline (geek nerd here sorry).  New Love/Hobbies I'm not going to start about my whole weight life story, knowing me I'd probably make another post about that. This is more mental refocusing and reviving. I've started to stretch a lot more and... some yoga I guess. 
Even though my true love is anim…


More Common Than You Think This is nothing new. Multiple animals have been treated to this type of abuse. One of the worse holidays that supports this action is Easter. Can you believe it? A day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ is also a day that haunts little animals to the point of death. You must think this is crazy but, it's true. Easter is also celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox. That means babies. Lots and lots of babies.

Thanks to commercial society, chocolate and candy companies morphed Easter into a production day for their increased sales. This is how Easter egg hunts became so popular. So why eggs? Well... because it's spring. Ducklings and Bunnies. Bunnies hide the colored eggs filled with chocolates. Thanks Easter Bunny!
A popular pastime for the rich and oblivious people, is to buy their children babies: baby ducks, baby chicks, and baby bunnies but, what happens when Easter ends and the ani…


My Ceramic Eggs Now I'm going to give some backstory. I went to this antique shop and was infatuated with everything there. I walked through every isle. They had little rooms, decorated with the thing you would put there. An old felted light pink couch for a living room and deep brown stained wooden table for a dining room, and on the dining room table was a basket with 12 or so eggs. My 13 year old mind went straight to "these can't be real". I had been fooled one to many times with my moms fake apples; one still even had a 7 year old sized bite mark dented with my childhood teeth. I was right. The eggs were fake and I grabbed one. I asked the lady who worked there the price. She looked at me for a couple seconds. I wonder what was going through her head. "Why on earth would she want those eggs", "Are those even for sale", "I don't even know where she got those". I think she even asked me why I had them. She finally gurgled up an an…


I love baby gates. They're great. But not for babies. They cry when you put them in there but, not animals. Ahhh the functionality!

Easy Storage I love my baby gate. Someone had a baby and they bought a baby gate. Then we kept the baby gate because of all the uses for them. Nah I'm just kidding, we kept it because it "folded quaint". In other words it stored away nicely.

Just imagine this baby gate but folded. The best part is you can mold it into almost any shape. Now I said almost because obviously it can't make a circle but boxes and hexagons heck yes. You can also remove some panels or even add more to make it bigger or smaller.
Puppy Container This was the time when I didn't have any animals. My family however took it out of storage for our soon to be new family puppy. We already had a dog -a Jack Russel Terrier named Shania, like the singer- but my family thought she needed a friend. So they surprised us kids with a German Shepard mix puppy we later named…


Japanese Omelette This masterpiece of a recipe is perfect and different for a person -like me- who doesn't like eggs to consume those bad boys. This really is a staple for a farm or homestead and will be a staple of my soon to be dream life. 
Tamagoyaki (Ta-mah-go-yah-key) uses all the ingredient that you would get from a farm AND it tastes delicious. Tamagoyaki is sooooo good! It melts in your mouth and is fluffy having the texture to more of a cake them an egg (sweeter like a cake too).

Tamagoyaki Tamagoyaki is a rolled up omelette (or omelet for american speakers). I'm actually an american speaker I just like the British/french spelling :) #fakefan. Tamagoyaki translates to grilled/fried egg, it is commonly eaten for breakfast, in a bento box (Lunch box), side dish, or even a filling for sushi. Preparation There are many different ways to prepare Tamagoyaki. The one I am referring to is more Americanized I guess you can say. Trinity's TamagoyakiIngredients 3-4 Large Eggs …


You've waited 5 months... Checked the nests everyday. "This is the day!" "I can feel it!" you exclaim to yourself. its Month 6 Your spirit has gone down just a little bit but, hey! You've waited this long and whats a little longer? A Sunny Day You step outside and see your fake eggs but, something is different. There's one fake egg, and the other one, wait... another? Oh my! The chickens have laid eggs! These eggs are real!
This is exactly what happened to me. I was so shocked and excited. I thought month 5 would be the month to get eggs. My hopes of eggs went down hill and this hit my by surprise (more like a slap). I was so delighted! What now?  Now, I got chickens because they make my life so much easier. So I'm gonna tell you a secret... I don't really like eggs. I like baking, I like the free food but, I was really counting on my family to consume them. I know what you may be thinking... then why get chickens?! Eggs aren't the o…


I love Mealworms... I know disgusting right? But it's actually not. Before I got chickens, before my duck, even before my plants. I wanted Mealworms.

I thought Mealworms were a good easy way to get in the habit of taking care of animals and they are! They are a smart, cost efficient step to start a farm.

Benefits of Mealworms Mealworms are a chicken's weakness as well as ducks, fish, and mostly everything else. 
Mealworms are very easy to take care of. They are a free source of food supply and feed/protein for your backyard flocks. How to Care Mealworms only need a little area to live in. You can add adjustments to make it easier to care for them but, you can even just use a bucket as the basic limit of care for mealworms.

Other features include adding a strainer/sifter bottom for the "poop" or baby mealworms to fall through.
The next feature is to add multiple drawers (plastic dresser is preferable) for each different stage of the Mealworm. Stages Stage 1: Egg Mealw…