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Energetic Chord: "Dreams" and Hook Attachments

I read a book called the Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship (written by the same author of the 4 agreements). It was part of the Toltec edition.  The Toltec had esoteric knowledge that was passed down through generations. Aztec or Mayan, they originated in Mexico.  In the book there was a part in which I didn't believe. I knew it from reading it and I could understand it but I didn't know it. It wasn't real to me... and then it was. Dreams The Toltec explained how people were living inside "dreams". It was odd to hear but I assumed it was just their minds creating their reality but no... I saw it. It was a "dream".  How best could I explain this? It was an energy dream. It was like a space created around people's heads but just that, is somewhere else. People's dreams are in another dimension but they are linked with them and living inside them.  I accidentally fell into a couple's dream world and it felt like I wa

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