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Spiritual Practices in the Modern Day World

What are Spiritual Practices? Everyone participates in spiritual practices whether they are conscious of it or not. When you think of spiritual practices you might think of Buddhist Monks sitting on the floor in meditation or Catholic Nuns lighting a thousand candles before starting their prayers. Meditation is the goal but meditation and a clear mind comes in many forms. Most people are unable to meditate partly because they don’t know what its suppose to look like. “Quiet your mind” or “Breathe deeply”. These are great tricks but people just aren’t able to shut their mind off. It takes practice and shutting off certain areas of your brain. So here’s another goal for you. Let your mind wander off. Let your mind be free.  Observe your thoughts in a non-bias and 3rd party perspective. Drop control and get to know your mind without fear. Sit with the feelings you might be experiencing. Just be and learn from them, they are trying to tell you something.  Modern day Spiritual Practices Eve

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