Is Love a Choice?

Remember the biology question we were asked as teenagers? Is loving a choice or a simple biological reaction you have no control over? I remember being appalled at the thought someone could twist love like that. That someone had that much control restricting it but also fabricating it. Like yes, I choose to love you so I do even when there was no spark or birth of it. To me, that was not love. That was just effort in the absence of love and the flowing of love would not persist or have a space and place to thrive in. To me, it seemed like everyone's definition of love seemed less extreme then to what I knew love truly was or could feel it to be down deep.

This coming from the same girl who once wrote in her notebook, titled Dangerous Love, "Love? what would love feel like? I've never had love without a degree of pain. I guess I don't know it. What if it passes right by me because I wouldn't know it and I'd miss it... I would like to heal now because I know I am deserving of love and I want to feel it".

Well I am here to say and stand on my own two feet. Love is both a choice and not a choice.

To Allow Love In

Love is a choice and loving is a choice but that's not the reality of it. The truth is, love is all around us. To see it, feel it, know it, and give it starts with a belief of just that. Love is all around us. It is there and free. Love doesn't cost you a dim as it is unlimited just as it is unconditional. There is a pool of it and it's infinity. Call this your soul, call this god, or call this vibration. It is all the same. The source energy is love. It is the vibration of love and that is the God form. To flow with a loving heart is heaven. "God is all around us", God is the very breath we breathe. God is the energy and vibration of the source of all creation. The very tip top level of energy and the starting source of all... love. Everything else around us is just limited definitions and creations of love because behind every upset, anger, or lower vibration is love. It is the source material. We are all made in God's image, we are all children of God. Yes because we are lower consciousness forms of God. Perceived separateness from the Collective Unconsciousness or God. So, loving is a choice and it is not. You, my friend are the very definition of love. Your natural state is love. As children, the vibration of love is singing, dancing, playing, and laughing. Where did that all go? You blinded yourself. Love is still there and all around even if unseen. Illusions and junk placed over you and on top of you to narrow the world around you. Darken it and you. 

This is great and all but what does this have to do with other people? Well, I'm glad you asked. Love is already there, you just have to choose to see it again and let it in. Let the light in, let the love in! Well how does this work? 

The Only Choice You Have, Is Choosing Not to Love

By choosing to not lead with compassion or flow with your heart space you are blocking out the love within yourself to then shine a light on everything around you. Usually, this is because you are neglecting yourself. Imprisonment with negative beliefs about yourself, trauma unhealed, or the repeat of abuse patterns within yourself or external and thus repeating the cycle. How critical you are about yourself could easily be projected on a dear "loved one". The lack of love within yourself and choosing to close your heart space for another because you are incapable yourself. Blockages of past trauma making you doubt the love of another because you doubt the love within yourself and towards yourself. Does God even care about me? You might question yourself. Do you care about you? What happens if you allow the belief in that he does. What does your life then become? The turmoil and heartbreak is all the same but what opens up? Then the reason for all that stuff wasn't to punish you and you don't need to be saved because you already are. You already are so how is all this love then? God loves me and he shows me this by all my terrible tragedies? Then obviously, your definition of love is corroded or perhaps you are not seeing things clearly. Maybe you need to align yourself with a different truth of the universe and of the world. The one of your soul. Imagine it, picture it. What happens if you are the most loved you've ever been? You feel safe and comfortable right? No harm could every be done to you. You are safe to laugh and love, sing and play. Life becomes a fun game with nothing scary. That is heaven on earth, the removal of fear, limitation, and attachment to what things might even mean to begin with. Is this your ego? Is this your brain? Do you need a reason to love or is it because you just like doing it and it feels good? Dare I say it feel a lot like you too huh? It's your soul and it's the connection you have towards that and to "home", your heart, your vibration, or God. The connection of all things and the oneness of life. 

So how does this work for people? It starts with that belief that you do love them, and, truth be told, you already do! There is care and compassion in this world and a oneness of all things. They are you! Of course you love them just like an animal lover or a dog lover loves every dog they might meet. Dogs are a symbol of unconditional love for a reason. When you stick to the unconditional and the high vibration of that you see that difference doesn't matter and they are even considered delicacies and the experience of each difference or variable is pleasant. It is never "bad", shameful, or harmful because another thing is stemming it to be. I don't like pugs because they can't breath. Most likely, you don't like pugs because you don't like that humans changed nature in a way that negatively impacts that animals ability to experience life positively and there is a natural disgust towards that. Or who knows, the stigma of Pitbulls created by fear and of the ego. Maybe you'd like a golden retriever better because they represent a stable and happy home and family life. Maybe you lean towards one that is more fashion forward, rare, exotic, or valuable. The Ego belief, creates all those things to impact the naturalness of what already is, was, what will be, and exists. Without the ego belief, you would see life for what it really is and not what you want it to be. 

This goes with people. If you have the belief that you love them then you will create a whole bunch of reasons as to why because you will start to see. Your mind will start to prove that belief to you by what you see, your attention, and what you focus on. You already do love them just as you already love yourself, you are just choosing not to see and not to love. You have to expand yourself but blockages close and shut you in. Push you away from the true experience of yourself and from your own soul's expansion. 

So here's what I mean. There is a person that you say you love but you nitpick all the time with them. You don't like how they dress and how they walk annoys you. Mostly this might be because of a lack within yourself. Are you too nitpicky with yourself? Is there something else you are upset about? Do you wish this person was better so you can feel better about yourself? Do you wish to change things about this person? If your answer is no and you feel even guilty about what your mind is creating for you and want to love them, then this is for you. Return to gratitude. The best form of practice to return to love. Be creative and you will see how loving them helps love yourself more. You don't like how this person walks? I am so glad that the person I love has legs and can walk. Don't like how they dress? I love how creative they are with their sense of style and how happy they are with the clothes that they wear. Their smile and happiness is what I love most and the other things to be troubled about don't make any sense. I love how passionate they are about their hobbies even if we don't have the same ones! How unique of this person and of them. They really like doing things for me, I can see how much effort they do even if they can't express themselves a lot. I love how they are trying. 

It's about the base habit, intentions, and traits of that person. That is your connection and that is what you guys share and have in common. Your creativeness, passion, drive? They are all just acting out in different ways and what is behind all those things anyways? Love. It is always the fuel behind everything. Maybe it is the lack of love this person feel that drives them towards success or maybe it is the love of their work that fuels them. Whatever it is, it is the base root and causation behind everything else in life. 

You meet a new person and you don't like them. You don't like something they are doing or their speech is different. Sure, agree to disagree, you don't like what they are doing but behind that what is there? This person's intention to do it despite of what it might be. Everything becomes of innocent intent and compassion and love becomes ever-flowing because it is always there and ever present no matter if limited or perceived to be. This person like this hobby that I don't like, oh but their passion for it! What a motivation, now that I love. Passion is love, I love their passion, I love their love. Can't you do the same for yourself? Can't you understand yourself? You don't like your weight and there might be a plethora of reason as to why but don't you see how even if twisted or limited, it is because you love yourself and want more for yourself? Can't you see how you are trying? You love yourself so much you want to be accepted and because you don't want certain things to happen to you. Sure that is coming from a place of fear but can't you see the love in that? Behind fear is also love, just less expressed. 

Love is a choice and you are loving yourself and everything else around. However best you can manage and no matter how limited. It still just is. All you can do is choose not to love and limit yourself. Get stuck and drowning in all the things telling you not to be. All the things creating a false image instead of seeing what it really is and is suppose to be. Once you see things for what they are, you can no longer see them for what you want them to be. It doesn't mean anything. It was all created. Status, reputation, structures, values, and norms. It only has power if you give it yours. 

Deeper Layer: Soulmates

When it comes to love and True Love there is of course more to the story. When you get into soulmates and deeper level bonds those things are more intense and can't be replicated because they go past time and space. The reason for why it is a stronger bond or deeper love is because of the soul connection of the two. It is basically you just loving yourself but extended. The vibration of that person's soul matches yours because of past lives and experiences you guys have shared together. The love of your own soul is being reflected by that other person and thus back onto you. It is your love and the love of your own self... cherish it! It is unconditional source and it is them as well. One can say it is "A gift from God" because it is God and the God gift of yourself.


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