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You are surrounded by Dearly Departed: Shadow People

 There are a lot of Shadow People. I've had my experiences with one coming face to face with mine and asking "Can she see me?". Internally I was saying, oh we are messing with too many things! I shouldn't have stared at him for that long. Quick! Look through him! Pretend you are unaware!  Side Note: I was at a hospital early in the morning. I was sitting in a chair minding my own business until I decided to do something with my eyes. Bordem did get the best of me and I went into a meditative state and purposefully crossed my vision just playing around and fooling around. I saw them all, their black and cloudy humanoid shapes however sharp in their outline. The empty and eerie hospital lit up with shadow people living a ghostly life. Somehow that was more communal and celebratory then the mundaneness of what it was before. I decided to look at one particular group which had 3-4 of them. They were chatting it up with one another as you can see their hands move in conver

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