Spiritual Practices in the Modern Day World

What are Spiritual Practices?

Everyone participates in spiritual practices whether they are conscious of it or not. When you think of spiritual practices you might think of Buddhist Monks sitting on the floor in meditation or Catholic Nuns lighting a thousand candles before starting their prayers. Meditation is the goal but meditation and a clear mind comes in many forms.

Most people are unable to meditate partly because they don’t know what its suppose to look like. “Quiet your mind” or “Breathe deeply”. These are great tricks but people just aren’t able to shut their mind off. It takes practice and shutting off certain areas of your brain. So here’s another goal for you. Let your mind wander off. Let your mind be free. 

Observe your thoughts in a non-bias and 3rd party perspective. Drop control and get to know your mind without fear. Sit with the feelings you might be experiencing. Just be and learn from them, they are trying to tell you something. 

Modern day Spiritual Practices

Everyone needs a cooldown time. A little bit of grounded work here, a little bit of conscious attention there, and maybe even the expelling of deep emotions. It’s not that meditating has evolved, it’s that meditating has always looked like this. Stare at a tree, take a walk, take a shower. That is a big one, take a shower. Do you ever wonder where are these shower thoughts come from? You are living in the present moment by doing actions to help ground you in the here and now. So let’s make it more modern. Wash your dishes, drive your car, cook dinner, put on makeup, do your skincare routine. All these things, all these mindless acts aren’t mindless, they are the goal. When you are appreciating the moment with diligent and intentioned actions. You might even have a discord in your brain! Observe your thoughts there and drop your burdens of the world as you live in the here and now.

Stepping aside from the mundane rituals, let’s add onto it. Draw and paint, write, play sports, go to the gym, go to the beach, relax and have a spa day, listen to music, just tune out the world in your own bubble of time as you focus on yourself and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy while releasing the control of what that might look like. Do what you love! Do what you like! Go on a bike ride, tan in the sun, make smoothies, and go to the farmers market. Tiny things bring such sweetness and great joy. Braid your hair, do your nails, make bracelets, read a book. Enjoy your day in the smallest of ways. Making coffee is a meditating act as even the smell brings a sense of peace. Foggy mornings with the morning dew, stare at it, learn from it. How quiet it all is as it doesn’t need to be anywhere except right here just like you.

Meditation is when your mind almost floats into the clouds because you don’t need it right now. Self care and meditation are the same things. These spiritual practices get you in touch with the possibilities and positivity of life. Stay in balance, your phone bill can wait. Here and now you are safe and sound. When you are ready you can tackle the things you need to get done with a clearer mind, a peaceful body, and a more grounded soul. Everyone is spiritual. 


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