Energy Transmuters: What are they and What do they do?

Energy Transmuters

What is an Energy Transmuter? An Energy Transmuter is someone that takes lower vibrational energies and transmutes them into higher frequencies. Click here to learn more about higher versus lower energies. 

There are different forms of energy transmuting as there are different dimensions to life. The different realms in which consciousness is affected. Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Emotionally. These different portals require adaptability in which how or what method might raise their vibration. An Energy Transmuter is someone that can extend their magic into reality and affect environments and the other people around them. This can be as easy as giving a heartfelt compliment to someone to as intrinsic as your heart chakra filtering out negative energies and replacing it with higher ones such as peace, joy, or love. 

Again, the different realms produce different reactions but an alignment of each portal through the different polarities of life increase the potency of each positive energy and grounding it into each. 

This is a lot of higher dimensional thinking but the synapses of it is, Energy Transmuters have a core being that is more likely to generate love and light despite external circumstances to then express it into their realities through facets of everyday and normal things even above what we ourselves can experience and perceive. Energy Transmuter are essentially, happy people. These people always search for the good in everything, they make light and fun out of stressful and terrible times. Their mindset is focused on positive things and refusing to accept negative beliefs propel their growth as they search or create their own inner truths. 

How do they do this?  

They create. Everything is neither wrong or right in a Yin and Yang balance. Lower energies carry lower thought patterns that produce more negative energies. In their own expression of truth they take a negative feeling created from a lower energy and they transmute it into a higher energy to then produce a positive feeling. This also occur through the different dimensions of life with feelings, thoughts, beliefs, situations, and even people. 


It’s all about mindset. A negative belief pattern enters their awareness and they remedy it. A belief that is long standing like “this world is a bad place”. For an Energy Transmuter they don’t accept this, in a sense they are here to rebel. Their love of life can have them reject that thought or better yet, bring it into balance. “Why yes this world might be a bad place but you have flowers and sunshine and I have people I love that make it a better place”. Essentially balancing this negative belief by adding higher perspective in a healing way. “How bad can this world be when the sun is out and this apple is delicious?”. This expels positive energies and sows the seeds for your emotional body. You feel a sense of peace and experience contentment. Saying this to coworkers or peers allows them to transmute their own energies by accepting the already created thought. 

Commonly as well you will have a negative thought pop up in your mind. Later I will discuss how it is most likely you are picking up this negative thought from your environment and even people. A negative thought like “that woman is fat”. Those with compassion and empathy will mediate the perceived judgement and transmute it into a level of discernment that overrides their previous instinct whether with continuing  thoughts, feelings, or actions. Someone with that judgement might feel resentment towards this woman based on their own prior experiences and preconceived notions. They might spread these lower vibrations with actions. Making a snide comment or thinking badly about her. “She is fat because she does not care about herself and has no respect for herself”. An Energy Transmuter accepts the thought that she is fat and mediates it, they bring it into balance. I know nothing about this woman, she might have a thyroid desease or difficult life circumstances that have been causing her to gain weight. In this manner, the woman is not something to blame or fault created by negative thoughts that creates negative emotions like it did with the previous person. Instead the Energy Transmuter feels no ill-will and expels the negative emotions present in this example like resentment, fear, shame, blame, and guilt. They feel compassion, peace, love, and bring it into balance. 


The whole premise is that they take difficult and stuck emotions and cleanse it. They mutate and transform it. They do this by using mediums to express the lower energies before raising its vibration. Love and hate is all just passion so why do you hate versus love? It’s the same vibration but on a lower frequency. These people write poetry and paint. They make art. Pain isn’t beautiful, it’s just pain, you make it art and then you can see its beauty. What is boredom besides peace? What is depression besides patience? With a change in outlook through a better mindset these people find the beauty in pain and show and tell it. They express their inner truth. Their inner truth is adapt to see what they already reflect upon the world. An understanding. 


These people with their presence change the vibe and atmosphere of a room. They actually affect the energies around them. With their presence, people feel more safe and at ease. Their presence is warm and welcoming. They radiate peacefulness and positivity. People in close contact with them end up leaving a room or conversation feeling healthy, happier, inspired, at peace, or even loved. Wether physically with a nice compliment or uplifting thought, or just in physical proximity. Their auras are unburdened with all the negative things that were previously weighing on them. 

Biologically this can be seen with the example of yawning. When one person yawns everyone else starts yawning. It’s a physical sign for our nervous systems to recalibrate and relax. A person who is at peace and ease will spark this inside of others. If they are happy and positive and making jokes creating laughter then the systems of other people will raise in vibration. People enjoy being around Energy Transmuters.


I have seen someone’s heart chakra go through the energetic process of transmuting energies with their Chi life force. They were not only absorbing energies but they were remarkably  pushing out healing golden light from their heart chakra. It was a process that filtered from their heart and pushed it out to produce a calming effect on the people and environment around the Energy Transmuter. All they had to do was stand there and be. They didn’t need to say anything or do anything and they were transmuting energy by just living. Talk about power. They can affect everything around them. These people have a green thumb for anything in life with ease. However most have a lack of understanding what it is they actually do and how it affects them.

Everything is energy and just as thoughts are energy those thoughts can be absorbed. A distressing thought that isn’t theirs but comes from another can be picked up. Same with emotions. You will start thinking or feeling a certain way out of the blue and not understand yourself. These people have empathic abilities that they also need to be mindful of. Their state of being they prize themselves on could be disrupted and can create inner turmoil for the individual. 

Seen and Unseen

There are many ways Energy Transmuters can transmute energies. They might start in the mental realm then master the other different avenues until they unconsciously and simultaneously affect life and reality itself. These people in a way bend the world to mold to their internal frequency. Thus raising the vibration of the planet. One thought and room at a time and collectively make a big impact for a more peaceful and joyful world. Make people laugh, give kindness and compassion, love endlessly and remember even if you can’t, just being, living, and breathing is more than enough. 


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