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Wooden Eggs My Ceramic Eggs Now I'm going to give some backstory. I went to this antique shop and was infatuated with everything there. I walked through every isle. They had little rooms, decorated with the thing you would put there. An old felted light pink couch for a living room and deep brown stained wooden table for a dining room, and on the dining room table was a basket with 12 or so eggs. My 13 year old mind went straight to "these can't be real". I had been fooled one to many times with my moms fake apples; one still even had a 7 year old sized bite mark dented with my childhood teeth. I was right. The eggs were fake and I grabbed one. I asked the lady who worked there the price. She looked at me for a couple seconds. I wonder what was going through her head. "Why on earth would she want those eggs", "Are those even for sale", "I don't even know where she got those". I think she even asked me why I had them. She finally


I love baby gates. They're great. But not for babies. They cry when you put them in there but, not animals. Ahhh the functionality! My Baby gate and 8 Plymouth Barred Rocks Easy Storage I love my baby gate. Someone had a baby and they bought a baby gate. Then we kept the baby gate because of all the uses for them. Nah I'm just kidding, we kept it because it "folded quaint". In other words it stored away nicely. This is exactly what my baby gate looks like Just imagine this baby gate but folded. The best part is you can mold it into almost any shape. Now I said almost because obviously it can't make a circle but boxes and hexagons heck yes. You can also remove some panels or even add more to make it bigger or smaller. Puppy Container This was the time when I didn't have any animals. My family however took it out of storage for our soon to be new family puppy. We already had a dog -a Jack Russel Terrier named Shania, like the singer- but my