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Hi, I’m Trinity.

I’m 16 -Update I'm 17- and live in South Florida. The reason I started this blog and my YouTube channel is to build a better bridge between me and my passions. While still allowing others a guide that I didn’t have. Every since I was little it was known to me that I loved animals and the outdoors.

 I was ecstatic when I had found out my family owned a small Ranch with some horses and a Dalmatian in Michigan. I basically rubbed my parents ears off with all the questions I asked them. They had no interest with animals or a farm for that matter, but I was immersed in the thought of it all. I think what shaped this dream of mine is a tribe I was in. It was a community of fathers who wanted to spend time with their daughters. It was called the Yellow Knives. We spent most of the time doing different events like camping, projects, and overall fun. I loved every minute of it. We even had tribe names which as a kid was so fun to have. I was Laughing Bear, my sister was Dancing Bear, and my dad was Red Cloud. At the time I couldn’t figure out what he said so I always called him Red Clown. We honored and attempted to conform ourselves to the ways of the tribe. We went to trips in the Everglades learning about it and this one time even went to this small animal reserve where they had tons of alligators. My mind was blown and the camping trips set me off on an adventure.

Every summer my family (mother side) and I, traveled to Cherokee, North Carolina, where we stayed at the same camping park. As you can imagine my siblings and I became pros at tracking the park and finding hidden spots and cool trails. It made my love for North Carolina grow. I fell in love with the views of the mountains, and trails, and all it’s rivers.

 Coming back home to a normal house with a boring backyard and a flat landscape wasn’t what I wanted to live with forever. I had planned to move, cause one day, I would move to North Carolina and start a farm. That Dream isn’t completed yet but I’m starting to attempt it. Practice makes perfect. Since there wasn’t a guide out there that would help me start out; I’ve decided to give it a go and document my journey for the next generation to see. It’s possible.


  1. Wow. Amazing. I also want to be part of the Yellow Knives. You inspire me to be a farmer. Thanks!


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