Meeting a Man on his Deathbed: Astral Realm | Psychopomp

 This is my experience as a psychopomp. The word is from the Greek word ψυχοπομπός, psychopompós, literally meaning the 'guide of souls'. They are creatures, spirits, angels, demons, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife.

I've been gifted with seeing what that looks like up close and I've come to share it. What was my place in this whole situation? I was a soul which one could call an angel. Perhaps that might break a few noggins. I am here to tell you, the soul of you is an angel! You've got an angel inside of you. Tell me, who gifted you the abilities of feeling and of love? Your soul! The life essence of yourself. That makes you an angel and is the divine gift and attribute of yourself. 

Calling out for help

As free and "separate" beings. With freewill, our own sovereignty, responsibility, and love for us all. Light beings can't just help you with no permission. Any entity willing to do that is automatically a dark entity as no light being would ever want to. You might ask yourself? Why? Why do we have to ask and invite them? Why do we request? You have to understand. You yourself is an angel. A member of the family and their is respect for you but not only that. There is no pity. Through your suffering, you are not looked at as some lower being that cannot manage things for yourself. You are strong and like them! It is a higher form of love. This respect and sovereignty for who you are. We are brothers and sisters and if anything we are looked at like children. A child is afraid to walk a far distance from its mother or try to go down the stairs for the first time. What does the mother do? The mother allows the child to try. They are right there incase you fall but they can't help you. This is your time to learn and grow. They are right there when you need and whenever you call. We are family! There is nothing scary just choices. The fear to you is not the same as them. They might not fear what you fear but they have the empathy and love for you. (Some beings have never experienced a human life so they may not even understand). You ask for help and assistance and they might just try to get you back and recentered into your holiness and remember who you are. That you, yourself, are this divinity, god aspect, and an angel. 

Whether you even realize it or not. You are calling out for help and assistance sometimes. I know for myself, I can remember going through a traumatic experience and my consciousness saw what was happening and ran right to the back of my head and started calling out. "Oh no, Oh no, I can't do this, please help, please help me". Imagine a girl running to her bedframe, crossing her hands and saying "oh my god, oh no, I don't want to do this, I don't want to be here, please help me". It is funny because I was I wasn't deathly afraid or close to dying but I was like "Oh my god, this is too much and I need help". As soon as my prayer was answered and a light being came down to shield me. I felt so much relief and there was a wave where I could hear myself reply "oh, thank god". I was cracking like an egg at the time and was splitting apart. This light being wrapped me in it's wings and held me together as well as protecting me from the dark energy attacking me at the time. I couldn't hold myself together and my heart was breaking. Help arrived and I said "is that... is that an angel"? I was extremely surprised that something even answered my call but why else would you have an innate instinct to call out and pray and ask for help if there was no one there? It's not, why do we call out but who are we calling out to... because we know something is there. In this experience, I know it was Archangel Michael who came to me that day. When I started looking back on it, even as a child, I would call to him and I had just forgot that I did or would. 

The Man who was Guided Home

I was in a deep form of meditation. I saw flashing images but my consciousness was there and aware even if I was somewhat blinded and could not see. It was a feeling that I knew exactly where I was. I saw an elderly man lying in a hospital bed hooked up to machines. It looked like he was in hospice care and he was alone. That is why he called out. You could feel it in his heart. He was calling out for his family. That's why I arrived. I was his family. On a soul level yes, but this man was my Grandfather. I arrived to him and it was unbeknownst to either of us at the time. This instant connection where he felt my warmth, comfort, and safeness was because he already knew me. He didn't know who I was and I didn't know who he was but I showed up with love in my heart for him. I could feel his fear and he was scared. He was scared to die and he was scared that he was alone. He was scared of the unknown and he didn't want to die alone. It was like I held his hand. You can call this telepathic communication or our souls or consciousness in the next dimension up. In the physical world, I was not there and he was dying. His breath was slow, his eyes closed, and assumably unconscious. 

I always enjoyed feeling the fear of never waking and honestly, I think this aided me at this time. Almost a, don't be silly! It's not scary. I knew he was afraid, unsure of himself, and unsure of everything else. So I "guided" him. He would tell me things like "I am afraid" and "I don't want to die alone". I would soothe his fear and focus everything on peace and love. I told him I was there for him and I wouldn't go. I told him that he wasn't alone and their were angels waiting in the wings for him to guide him home and aid him if he chose but that. He had to welcome them in and allow them to help. Honestly he felt too down low for him to even feel the angels. I was a bridge for him and his soul. The angels were too high up and couldn't get lower and he was too down low and couldn't get higher. I was that middle ground. I told him that he didn't have to be afraid and explained to him what I meant. I told him what I knew for certain he would find in the afterlife. I told him he was going home and it would feel like love and light. That he would feel peace and that he was loved. He was afraid but I could pick up on his feelings and answer or sooth him before he even had time to ask questions or say a lot of statements. It was like I knew what he was going to say before he said them. I knew exactly what he needed. I took his mind off all the fear and said that he could let them go now. That fear was weighing him down and to not be afraid and oh, don't worry! 

I could feel him moving or lifting up. Sooner than later, he got to the point where he was too high for me and I couldn't go with him but, just as much, the angels above me could come down lower and get to him. I told him that I had to go now. It was like I was still holding his hand as he raised up higher and I had to let go. I told him about the angels again and to ask if he so chose. I let go and could feel him floating up higher and I could even feel the welcoming arms of the light beings above as they welcomed him home. He felt no fear when he let go of me or I him. He was happy and he wasn't afraid anymore. He was more at peace and you can feel that life felt more lovely to him. I never said goodbye. Isn't that something? There was no need for a farewell but perhaps I had a silent one. There was only love and gratitude in my heart and "I got to leave now and go back now". It felt like I knew the man but that's because it always feels like I know them. Only later did I realize that that man was my grandfather and I got to hear all about why it was me, or why I wanted to be there and chose to be there.

I went to a Reiki Master. I was guided by my spirit guide to go to a cat festival and was completely surprised and shocked that there was a "mentor" for me there. Of course, I refused. Not wanting to go up and talk to her. However, my guide and intuition was stronger than me and my buttheaded and stubbornness. "You know what you should do, go back to her (and meet with her)". So I did and I met with her. She told me about some gifts I had that I had never noticed and my soul's aura color. She told me more about my guide and just how relevant he was in the astral plane for me and what he looked like and the color of robes and traditional garment he was wearing. Then I told her about this experience and after my guide told me that that was a "psychopomp" ability and trying to refuse it, not wanting to believe that I could be compared to an angel. All that disgruntlement fell into the background and knelt in comparison to what my real question was. I wanted her to tell me that my experience was true but explain that I wasn't an angel or help me believe something else. All she said was "you did help him. Oh yes, you definitely did help him. They are saying that you did". It cut through the illusions of myself because I already knew it was true, That I did meet with him and I was there when he left and just like I did to him, she did to me. Reading his heart and answering his questions before he could even ask them. She answered the only question I had in my heart. The only actually question that mattered to me. "Did I help him?"... that was my question. The only question I really cared to ask or wanted to know. I didn't even know that that was my question until she answered it and I could feel it in my heart and in my bones. That was all I cared about and that was all I wanted to know. Through all of my other tomfoolery questions and my grievances, that was what I was trying to ask the whole time. I felt such relief when she said that and I felt like I was supported from my guides (it created harmony for me realizing and discovering just how much they knew me, the real or true me, even better than myself and that they loved me through thick and thin). They together helped me and knew exactly what I needed. My guide is always excited for me and he wanted me to know it too since I didn't want to believe it. I cried a little bit. After everything, that was truly the person I was and I had to see that for myself. All I cared about was nothing less or sort of "did I help him". It was an ego death for me. Coming to this realization and point of acceptance. That was who I was and I have a warming heart then I could ever possibly imagine. 

Some time later. My grandfather died and come to find out. I have a wandering soul that's not bound by space and time. At some point it was like his death and time left on this earth became a count down and a certainty. That we all arrived on the timeline that that was his time to go. All decided and planned ahead of time and as soon as I was able to hit that meditative state, I was able to arrive there at that time and event that would not be in flux because it would be fate. It was in the range of six month and you could feel its certainty. There would be no accident or change in plan. That would be how he would go. All agreed and arranged even by his own soul. There is no stopping the fates. My grandfather did die in a hospital bed all alone. My father and sister went to visit him and be there with him. They left to go to the hotel room and that is when he took his last breaths. Oddly enough, that is exactly what happened to my great grandmother. A whole pile of people there and then as soon as they all left thinking that she would make it through the night and that they would be there for her in her last moments. She slipped away when time was quiet. I remember being devastated as a girl. Watching a bunch of Airbud films to sooth me and give me remedy and stop my tears. Even though in the physical it was like I didn't know her. You can tell, at another space, point, and time. We had joyous time together and I didn't want her to go away. With my grandfather, it was peace. There were no tears, just peace. Just a slight spell of being down in the dumps as if you were resting your head in solace or remembrance. It was like I had been there before, I had done it before, and I knew he was safe and that he felt peace and that it was all wanted and it was just time. There was no need for sadness, there was no pain or fear for him. No regrets, no blame, no need for anything. Who said death can't be peaceful? My father was saddened at the thought he wasn't able to be there for him in his last moments. That he was alone when he went but he wasn't really alone though was he? Guided all the way home and loved ever second with angels in the wings.

This is for my father. I love you, dad. You are not alone. You are more loved and seen then you may know. 


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