Energetic Chord: "Dreams" and Hook Attachments

I read a book called the Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship (written by the same author of the 4 agreements). It was part of the Toltec edition. 

The Toltec had esoteric knowledge that was passed down through generation. Aztec or Mayan, they originated in Mexico. 

In the book there was a part in which I didn't believe. I knew it from reading it and I could understand it but I didn't know it. It wasn't real to me... and then it was.


The Toltec explained how people were living inside "dreams". It was odd to hear but I assumed it was just their minds creating their reality but no... I saw it. It was a "dream". 

How best could I explain this? It was an energy dream. It was like a space created around people's heads but just that is somewhere else. People's dreams are in another dimension but they are linked with them and living inside them. 

I accidentally fell into a couple's dream world and it felt like I was trespassing. 

In the book they described  how people live in their dream but then they create another dream to live with another person. The two people have to connect and create the dream, this is apart of the energetic chord. To create such a chord, you need emotions or sexual intercourse. Emotions are energy and these chords allow for empathy, connection, and a better understanding between the two. So what about dreams?

I fell into a dream, and it wasn't mine. 

It wasn't my first time falling into this couples "dream paradise". In fact the first time, it was because I was running from mine. I was teaching a bunch of people how to paraglide. Feel the wind let it take you and they were all so happy. I made a friend with one of my "students". All of a sudden the group was being taken into this facility and I was set aside. Something inside me made me want to go check on my friend and see how she was doing. I followed the group to see where they were being taken and that's where I saw them all being directed by authority with badges up a staircase to go into a room. This was a secure facility and I was trespassing. I peeped through the door and saw what was going on... they were taking their hands. (hands can represent many things such as authority, power, blessing, worship, healing, the works of the flesh, giving, laying of hands). I see now that this was a reflection of my reality where I might have been trying to give people their power back but another force was taking it. Whatever it was, I was so scared and I knew they were coming after me. I ran from that facility and entered into... someone else's dream... someone I knew. 

This dream looked exactly like what the 10 of cups in tarot looks like. I bumped into a woman. She had blonde hair, 167 pounds, liked to bake, looked like a mom, and was just smiling the whole time. She kind of felt like the witch from hansel and gretel but the pillsbury dough version with apple pies. I say this because she felt animatronic and fake but I knew she wasn't. There was no depth to her, behind the smile there was nothing and she felt like a robotic mom from the umbrella academy but she was a soul. I know she was a soul and a person but she was in a dream and she felt like she didn't have any roots to her. 

When I met her, I felt like this wasn't who I was looking for but it was good enough. (I didn't know who I was looking for). I explained to her my situation but let out a lot of details because I didn't feel comfortable with her. I tried to give myself comfort that she would perhaps help me. She pointed over to her kids running around and perhaps some other things. Then poof, we were in her house. I asked if I could stay awhile or a little bit and she said sure but to not touch anything. I was running rampant with anxiety. I looked around and the house had a lot of furniture with dust on it. I remember staring at a piano or two that they had and everything was antique. I didn't like it in this dream. I couldn't even touch the furniture, I felt odd and already like I shouldn't be here but I needed refuge. Then the wife said something... "would you like to meet my husband?". "he's in that room over there, he's coming right now". I don't think I wanted to meet her husband as more people would be a burden and I felt quite anxious already. I was anxious about who it was as well. Then the door opened and... it was him. My co-worker. His wife was all dolled up and baking things with an apron on and he came out of his room, midday... in boxers. In normal life, my co-worker who we will name Ben had short hair and no facial hair but here, he had long hair touching his shoulders and a long beard... he looked like Jesus. If Jesus wore boxers instead of a robe. The oddest part about it is when he came out of his room. I saw his master bedroom with the door now opened and it was the only place in the house that was modernized but now only that... it was high tech. He had a big ole' bed and a huge flatscreen TV he was watching a show on before he came out. The wife went away perhaps and I felt safer with him. It was HIS dream. He created it and it seemed like it was all about him. It was just a feeling but I was safer with him. He could help me. 

His wife slipped away and I went up to him almost in secrecy to explain everything. I told him how they were trying to take my hands. Even when I was telling him this, I held them both up and looked at my hands expressing my sorrow and even desperation. He might have nodded me off, whatever it was, there was no deep care. They both agreed I could stay but I was hurt that he didn't care or want to do more. I just felt odd and more terrible. Especially after seeing him and his wife. It felt like something was so untrue and it hurt and I wasn't where I was supposed to be. I left that house... I left that dream. I couldn't stay there so I went back to my own. Again, I was in that staircase. I was avoiding doors that were locked and had numbers and keypads on them. The ones that had checkered wired windows and looked like doors to secure facilities. I was already running at this point and at a certain point I could feel them coming and they began to pull nearer. I was being chased so I kept on running. 

Eventually I got to a door and this one I opened right before what was chasing me could snatch me. I opened the door and it looked like I was on the top level of a mall. I began walking slowly to blend in with the other people just casually shopping around. However, the place began to fill with police officers and security guards. They were receiving things on their radios which I couldn't hear but they began searching for well... me. They were all alerting themselves like I was some sort of virus or culprit in the system. Well try as you might, can you guess what happens next? They spotted me, I fast paced walked for a little bit because they certainly didn't want to freak out the public shoppers by them running. Then they got too close so I ran then they ran but then I was intercepted by two guards up ahead and I was caught and surrounded by them. Then I woke up. Did they take my hands? No I have no idea what that ending was suppose to mean for me and who was on the karmic laws of justice (as authority figures are suppose to represent) or who was trying to collect peoples powers and stick them back in whatever place. Let's get back to dreams and less of my own dream analysis. 

That was the first time I saw their dream. I knew Ben in real life and I knew of the other person, we will call her Liza. Liza was in her early 20s, blonde hair, and average body weight. Ben wanted to be with Liza but for whatever reason Liza wanted to focus on career and when they were together she was cold and avoidant. This hurt Ben and he even had to recover from their time together. He was up in his head and couldn't move past something. Ben would be leaving the state and Liza didn't want to go with him. 

I'll catch you up to the point. I was with Ben for some time and then Liza came back. Liza thought that they were going to come back together after months apart and was mad at Ben that he did not know this. Then Liza said she wanted a relationship with Ben. Truthfully? I loved Ben and I wanted to be with him. Truthfully, I still love Ben. We'll skip all of that and focus on the energetic attachment between these two. 

I'll catch you up to the point again. Ben moved states and Liza went with him. In reality, there relationship has a lot of red flags. In the dream, it is odd, creepy, and feeling like two people shoving a lot of things away to keep being happy. It is the 10 of cups in tarot. It is the big log and brick Dutton house in Yellowstone. They feel like they are asleep and living a dream. This gets explained when I entered into there dream a second time.

Hook Attachment

I feel like I was roped into it. Whatever it was. I had already cut the energetic chord I had with Ben. I honestly couldn't function in my life and had to do nothing else but cut it. My guides kept saying "break the bond" by using that scene from Avatar where they 'make the bond' with the banshees. I just couldn't cope with Liza's energy and her energy was influencing Ben's and that was terrorizing me. Whatever it was, it's not what I signed up for. I did this by letting him go completely and giving it to God. I chose an action guided by my spirit guides that was drastic in nature and change where I was and what would happen in my future. I gave it up. The possibility of any future I had with Ben created in my reality. When I was with him, there was a timeline of us together until he committed "sin" and that one was ripped away and I was left in the dark for my own path. I was completely guided by my spirit guides at this time. I remember the exact moment it happened to. In real-time, while he was committing this "sin",  I was driving in my car and I began to cry "I can't see anything, why can't I see anything". It was like I was blind. At the time, I didn't know I was seeing anything so it was like I was observing a more conscious part of myself while I remained "unconscious". It was like my sight was stolen and I was blind. I felt blind and I felt ailing. I didn't know it but it was one of the worst things to have happen to me. I say one of the worst because the first would be a Spiritual STD, which news flash... came right after... also committed by Ben. 

Months past and all of a sudden it felt like I had an invisible string attaching me to Ben that I was described as a 'fishing line'. In reality, I broke their paradise of the honeymoon phase by sending Ben a birthday present... almost a 'get well soon' card and mailed it to him at his new place. It was not received very well and both were very uncomfortable presumably. Then I had a dream

I was back there in their dreamscape. The one they had created for them to live in. In my dream, my spirit guide was teaching me about hooks. Yes, fishing hooks. He was showing me Ben's cool collection of fishing hooks and showed one in particular. This hook once snagged on a fish would release barbs and if it was tried to be pulled out or the fish tried to swim away or unhook itself... it would expand. The small hook would expand like the end of a harpoon so you couldn't pull it out. Then the show went down.

My spirit guide dissipated and as I was on their front lawn trying to take out the hook that was in my right calf (spiritual area for fear). The wife came out and in front of us was Ben. The hook, just a tiny thing in my leg expanded it's barbs and inside the flesh of my right leg, it expanded to take up almost all of it. I had to dissect myself to take it out and it was messy. The wife said somethings that I can't now remember but I remember my reply, "well... he promised me things too". As I finished taking out the hook that was in my leg. 

Again, I did not like this dream. Was the wife met with anger? Upset? Compassion? Somehow it felt like she was slightly...until it was wiped away as swiftly as saying "Oh, well" and changing the subject to a bright and sunny Monday. That's how it felt. It felt like a Monday and it was bright and sunny. Ben was nowhere to be seen and it was just me and Liza. Liza was offering me refreshments. She had baked a plethora of muffins, cookies, and things like that. She said I could take anything from the table she had said up. I looked at the table and there were big tray containers filled with her baked goods... until they weren't. All of a sudden they were taken away and put underneath the table hidden from view. She explained how those were her kids favorite and so she stashed them away to save them. Then the next tray, same thing but this time they were all her favorites. Then my assortment of options were few and far between, lacking quantity and variety. She was happy the whole time and it felt like a meet and greet. She had no depth to her but now it felt like she was hiding something. Hiding something that would prevent or corrupt the dream. Who's dream was it again? Why was she hiding cookies? Why couldn't I touch the piano? Why was there dust everywhere? Why was it so eerie? Why was there a hook in my leg? 

Either way, after the event in my reality and after that dream. I had a lot of fear. If that dream told me one thing. It was that fear was where the hook attachment was stored and keeping it. Just like the hook expanding, in my reality, it was like that but with my fear. Trying to release that or whatever that was, meant having the fear grow and expand because of the hook. Perhaps it's not for the faint hearted. I spent two-three days in immense fear. I was so afraid to even be happy. I was so afraid that something would come and get me. This is when I had this event PAST LIFE FEAR OR POSSESSED BY A SPIRIT?


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