I love baby gates. They're great. But not for babies. They cry when you put them in there but, not animals. Ahhh the functionality!

My Baby gate and 8 Plymouth Barred Rocks

Easy Storage

I love my baby gate. Someone had a baby and they bought a baby gate. Then we kept the baby gate because of all the uses for them. Nah I'm just kidding, we kept it because it "folded quaint". In other words it stored away nicely.

This is exactly what my baby gate looks like

Just imagine this baby gate but folded. The best part is you can mold it into almost any shape. Now I said almost because obviously it can't make a circle but boxes and hexagons heck yes. You can also remove some panels or even add more to make it bigger or smaller.

Puppy Container

This was the time when I didn't have any animals. My family however took it out of storage for our soon to be new family puppy. We already had a dog -a Jack Russel Terrier named Shania, like the singer- but my family thought she needed a friend. So they surprised us kids with a German Shepard mix puppy we later named Kahlua (my moms idea obviously).

Little Kahlua loved her baby gate and the puppy pads she use to tear into a million pieces cause it looked at her funny. With mixed emotions sadly our dogs didn't last in our family.

Not for Babies

Fast forward a couple years later. Someone else had a baby. The baby gate went out of storage and it served a purpose once again. Of course babies grow up and when they become self aware, there goes the need for a baby gate. They hate it.

Fast forward some more odd years and a couple of jumps from house to house, I finally was able to convince my mom to get me some animals. If you wanna do the same click Here I explain everything I did to get my animals. Currently I have 65, 50 of them are insects though soo...

The Functionality, Oh My!

Anyhow, point of the story I have no idea how old my baby gate is but it still works like a charm. Through holding baby chicks, pullet stage of course (the holes are to big), puppies, babies, ducks, to now warding off my chickens from my garden. Through the thick of it all. There's even still a baby mirror that the Human babies can play with, still on the side because I'm to lazy to take it off.

Invest in a baby gate, especially because other people who have babies buy a new expensive one and after 2 months they sell them for cheap because they haven't read my article and now their babies hate their baby gate. Or find a baby gate for free or dirt cheap at garage sales, or in garbage bulk piles. and then this can be you.

Rainbow Baby Gate for a pop of color
Just remove the babies with goats and your Golden. Now you maybe wondering, "why not just put a picture of a baby gates with goats" well it is very hard to find a picture like that. I couldn't even find one with chickens in it from google.

This article was written mostly in humor form and based off my mood at the time but still stands true on the topic. I love baby gates. You should too.


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