Can you imagine? Fluffy butts and slimy kisses. What a dream.

What I'm about to tell you is full proof. Unless your parents hate every animal, this will work for you. I did it to my Mom and got this squish-able, soft hypoallergenic pupper.

STEP 1: Find the Weaker Parent

Let me give you some back story, my Mom is allergic to dogs. She loves dogs. Shes also allergic to cats, she hates cats. As you can see, first step is to find the weaker parent. As in who loves animals more and wants what you want. At this point in my life I wouldn't care if I got a Dog or a Cat. I went with trying to get a dog as it was more plausible.

STEP 2: Hinting

Personally, I have been hinting at my parents that I want a dog for 7 years. Hinting isn't whats gonna get you your best-friend, But hinting will make your parent think about it. Subconsciously filling the thought of having a dog in their mind. Its mostly used to get them used to the idea so it won't be a big shock when you bring it up.
Ex. Of Hinting
*Showing them a picture of a dog* "Look at this cute dog"
*Someone walking their dog* "I wish I had a dog"
"My friend has the cutest dog"
"Did you have a dog when you were little?"
"If I had a dog I would be in heaven"
"If I had a dog I could take it on walks"
"If I had a dog I could go outside more"
"If we had a dog I could name it Blueberry or Sprinkles"
"What name do you like better for a dog, Gizmo or Lilith?"
"This is where my dog would sleep"
"Can I have a dog?"

STEP 3: Actions

Most likely your parents have said no to that last question. Don't get discouraged, mine did too. They mostly responded with

 "Who's gonna take care of the dog?"
"Someone has to walk the dog" 
"The dog will be alone all day" 
"Who's gonna pay for it?"

My response was always quick and swift "ME!" I'd scream begging to the all mighty gods to let me get a puppy. After many conversations of the same thing being gurgled up I'd decided to switch to a more forward approach. No more slight of hand, i was gonna show them I'm ready for a puppy.

Do Your Research!

Now that your on this level its safe to say your parents are tired of saying no, and getting frustrated when the topic is brought up. This mini level up is a refresher for your parent. Be determined. Don't let them saying no be the end all be all. Don't bring up the questions, Do Show them your serious. Look up video and articles about the price and steps to care of a puppy. Educate yourself. Surprise your parent when you dive them a random fun fact about dogs. Watch video about how to train a puppy. Learn about the dogs at the shelter and decide if you want to adopt or buy. (For me I had to buy, since my mom was allergic and we needed a hypoallergenic dog). Create a list of names. Make little tidbits that you can use when you get a dog: like a toy, collar, leash, name board, clothes. The more sentimental the better. This allows your parents to not want to crush something your putting your heart into.

STEP 4: Lower Your Standards

This step is a beauty. The most important step of all. Its gonna take everything you've built and take it home. Now that your parents know how hard you're willing to go to get a puppy. This will destroy them making a beautiful reverse psychology sonata.

What I did, was I had completely and utterly obliterated my standards. I went from wanting a dog and made it clear to my parents (in this case my mom) that I would be satisfied with any animal. I went from dog to cat (didn't last long as their was no chance) to turtle then rabbit and Guinea pig. It was at the guinea pig stage I repeated the steps. Not the hinting part as you have to leave that part general. instead of 

"Can I have a Guinea Pig"
"Can I have a pet, Please? what about a guinea pig"

Research that animal and what they need. Guinea Pigs need cages and bedding to be changed. I told my mom I found a better bedding material that we could use that would be cost efficient. Her replies halted and she started to accepted the idea of a pet. There was no more 

"But who's gonna walk it?" 
"Who's gonna take care of it?"

Because there was no way she could say no anymore. I had thought it all through. I was prepared.

If your parents don't get you a puppy or cat but do get you that guinea pig, its okay, be happy of your new friend and keep trying. Show them you are grateful and love your pet. Show them your capable of having something to care of, and soon they will think having a dog isn't that big of a step anymore. Which means your one step closer to your bestfriend.

End Game

On August 13, my 15th Birthday I had won over my Mom and she convinced my step father to welcome a puppy into our home. A big reason my mom went with a dog to surprise me with, was because my sister had a bunch of animals when she was little, so lets just say my mom despised those kinds of creatures. I originally wanted a big dog or an Australian cattle dog to rescue from a pound, but like I said earlier my mom is allergic so we settled with an adorable hypoallergenic Shichon. I got her on August 14, 2016 at 2 months old (We bought her off of eBay), I named her Riley Annabelle Reid. I taught her Lots of Tricks, all that research really paid off.

My Mom even got jealous and got one of her own. A sweet little Golden Doodle named Stella Thumper Greico.


  1. HAHA STEP4 killed me i laughed soo hard

  2. LOVE THIS!!!! this is the reason i am getting chicks tomorrow!!! I already did this to get my button quail and now my chickens. i did so much research that i am helping others with their chickens! (i am not getting chicks because i read this, but i did the same thing)

  3. You explained what really goes on behind the scenes very well. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I have successfully tried this method with chickens... Started with 5... slowly went up to 17.

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