What is New Earth? 5D and Tara

New Earth or 'Tara' isn't a new place but a dimension. It is an evolution of the Human Collective. Instead of consciousness being on the 3D plane of existence we will transcend into higher and expand. This upward process is expansion and evolution like we are reclaiming knowledge, forgotten knowledge, or gaining more of our soul's consciousness. 

This is also the generational wealth of our species. Long forgotten or lost. Disarrayed or war-stricken. Thief and grief... what was taken? Well... we devolved in consciousness or spiritual enlightenment.

The Human Race

The Human race is actually an Alien species genetically designed to be guardians and angelic hosts of Earth. We are deeply connected to the Earth as the Earth or 'Tera' evolves to Gaia (past Tara), we would be the divine blueprint of this angelic human race. However, this 12 strand divine blueprint of humans of Christos or Christos-Sophia Avatar was destroyed. There was a breakdown and humans 'de-evolved'. There was extraterrestrial interference and genetic mutation for our coding, as well as, a wipe on our history and memory. 

Humans have an inborn instinct to defend, guard, love, and help. That is the nature of us. We were meant to protect this realm and watch over it. Heal the Earth, nurture, and love it. Let it expand and flourish into it's greatest expression of itself. We were chosen for this job but not only that, designed for it. It is in our nature. It is our soul and the love of us however their is a battle going on. One of soul fragmentation and essentially, spiritual warfare. Spiritual growth is our responsibility. Collectively we work together to evolve and grow. However, all our growth, evolution, knowledge/wisdom, what we were and stood for, all the ascension layers of our ancestors were lost and we de-evolved. 

Yes, things were destroyed. There were wars and influence. 'Demonic' or Alien forces and interference. Yes, there was genocide and the spreading of misinformation where the winners wrote history. Our Earthseed roots, forgotten and blocking of our Starseeds. Our DNA mutated and corrupted. (This of which, I experienced in a dream). I'm not here to talk about the history of things but rather... the beauty in what we are. 

Do you ever feel like you are not welcomed here? Too caring? Why do I have a natural instinct to self-sacrifice or protect? Why am I so loving? Humanitarian maybe? I super love animals. Does life ever seem cruel to you? Why is loving so much, a bad thing? I don't feel welcomed here. I don't feel wanted. I feel like I'm not made for here. I feel like a foreigner. Life is odd. I have this grief in my chest and I don't know what for. 

I have good news for you. You were perfectly made for here and what you want, wants you. Do you have a desire to live out in nature? Have a garden or homestead? Do you have this weird love for helping or supporting things? Growing things maybe? Helping animals? Do you want to go into conservation or love marine life? Yes, yes, yes! That's perfect! You were born for this! It is not only who you are but who we are. This is New Earth. A connection to a higher dimension of your soul more inline and connecting you to our true purpose and what we have been created and designed to be and do. This is our sovereignty. This is our royal bloodline of our divine blueprint. Empathetic and a loving race. Loving the Earth and a connection coursing through us all. We also have the power to manifest this New Earth. Humans weren't the cause of our fall. We did fall in consciousness and we did de-evolve. Humans aren't walking around with the 'sin of man' but the grief in loss of our god given right. The loss of our purpose and the loss of connection to spirit and the God of us. Everything you are sad about when it comes to humanity. Yes, it's true. Humans are much kinder than what you see around us. We have lost. We have been fragmented and separated. Our gifts and who we are, gone. I'm here to say... not gone... just forgotten because it is still there inside of you. Your morals, your heart, the intrinsic tune of yourself and who you want to be... it is all of us!

We all miss the true connection to god, self, and source. Our own souls. We miss the connection of the Earth. We all have a yearning for our purpose. Our true purpose in life and on this Earth. It is for Tara. This is the New Earth. The raising of us is the raising of the Earth and the Earth is the raising and benefit of us. We all have a natural code of justice and injustice. The harm of the Earth and the injustice on innocent or living things. We feel this deep down even if we don't admit it or accept it. Thinking yourself too innocent or what you want to do too different? It is the true nature of us. Where do you think it comes from? This moral concept? Where or why do we have this in the first place? This wanting to love or help and heal? It's from you. It's from your soul. Its from all of us. Humans are all intertwined and connected, we are a mass collective. Some humans may have it different from others based on their genetics and 'mutations'. Based on the interference and corruption on their bloodline. Due to interference and spiritual warfare. They truly may not understand you. They might be more fragmented then you but never leave yourself and the true nature of yourself. It is all of us. 

New Earth

New Earth isn't a new place but it is an expansion from our old timeline. We will all still be on the Earth together but our actions, thoughts, and vibration will be upleveled. This collective power will raise our vibration. We will expand ourselves and go through a full or partial awakening as too 'awaken' or remember who we are as we move up in consciousness back and closer to our divine blueprint. We will remember our heavenly nature and we will be able to expose it more. Crazy concept huh? Humans are not doomed, evil, or a parasite to the Earth. We are symbiotic, loving, heart centered beings designed to be angelic. Healers, helpers, caretakers of the garden of Eden... Earth and Tara. One of our primary roles was to aid the other creatures on this planet. Allowing and helping them transcend into the highest definition of creation of themselves that they were meant to be in their divine blueprint. It's aid and prosperity all around huh? Health, healing, love, and beautiful things all around. This is what we all want and have wanted since the beginning. Our purpose, passion, and who we are. 

Its already happening. Babies being born smarter? Animals gaining more compassion and somehow empathy with each other? We are all evolving and raising together. You are the angel you desire! Follow your dreams and be who you are... an Earth Angel. 


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