To be a Force of God: Karma

In the book Past-Life Memories by Richard Webster, he talks about Karma. Not just karma but past life karma. He explains it perfectly. The law of cause and effect, “we reap what we sow”, karma is growth. So what about it?

Walking a path of god means becoming the force of him and karma of others. 
“Even more important than this is the fact that people who actively seek to work out their karma appear to receive protection and help from divine forces. This is because they are working in accordance with God’s will rather than fighting against it”
An extra piece for added interest,
 “It does not release them from their karmic debts, but it does strengthen them and enable them to move forward in a more positive and direct manner”

So what are the working pieces of this? In my experience, as long as I trust my guides and go with god. I am seemingly rewarded in life. Unfortunately in reality and present life, this looks like me being a force of evil. Life is like contracts. I help someone with their karma and I learn mine, however, I always seem to get out on top and not only that. I am rewarded for it. 

In God’s eyes

The most important thing in this world and life is the lessons and balancing of karma. To go with that is to go with god. To everyone’s spirit and soul, it is the same. To learn karma, to cleanse it, balance it, clear it and to learn lessons for soul growth. People want completion and development. Everything else in the world such as traditions, relationships, or physical things… don’t matter. That is not the importance and though they are great. It’s about your soul and that is gods will.

A soul may accumulate karma from a past life and in their current one. They want to clear it, cleanse it, heal it, and learn from it. There are important lessons in those things. A soul comes down to earth to fulfill and do certain things for their own soul growth and development. If not, they will have to do it or try to complete it in their next life. However, they wanted to complete it in their current one. To become a force of god is to participate in karma and give others souls the opportunity for theirs. Even if it is “bad” karma.
Obviously, you reap what you sow so don’t think you are the judge, jury, or executioner. You simply do the actions you are guided to do with an open heart past the things in the 3D. You might have to overstep traditions and break norms. You might have to rely upon solely yourself and god but staying true to that allows certain things to play out that you are not aware of. By sight and what is seen, perhaps you are viewed upon unkindly and that you did “wrong”. That you overstepped some things and broke some rules but it isn’t about the things around you. It is about you, god, and the universe. Those pieces are the accurate feedback of where you are. Whether or not you are on your own “right path”. 

I’ll give an example. I played a helping hand in being a force of god that provided other people to receive their “bad” karma. I felt bad about it. I don’t know why I did what I did, just knowing that I was guided to do it. So I did. I had no expectation of the outcome and I gave it to god. God took it and it went sideways. I had to manage myself to see if I was burdened by disappointment because maybe I had a hidden desire for it to play out differently. I was bummed out at the thought that I hindered people and perhaps caused more harm. Oddly enough, the next day or relatively soon afterwards I heard “congrats you passed”. As in, I passed my own karmic test. Then I was rewarded with a manifestation. 

What was my manifestation you asked? I told the higher above forces that I had wanted to “adorn” myself. I said that my body was a temple and I wanted to adorn it with jewelry and gift it with things like a temple because I loved myself. So that was what I got.

Right place, right time. I got 80% or 90% off real gold and gem jewelry. The real kind you can wear for 20+ years and it wouldn’t go bad on you. I got a whole set with a pair of earrings, two bracelets, and three necklaces. 123… you are going in the right direction. 

Was my karma bad? I felt bruised and bummed out but in reality. I was safe and protected from what was to play out with the other individuals that were involved. I was no longer to be involved like I was taken out and taken away. It was no longer mine to play out, it was theirs and honestly... I wasn't "supposed" to be there in the first place. I overstepped and ruined the party of them becoming a disruptive force for perhaps people to see clarity or figure out their own karmic baggage. Whatever it was. It was meant to go down and I was meant to stay hands off and my own guidance was to "allow things to play out how they are suppose to". 

Do I like how this looks? That I was rewarded for a "bad deed"? No, instead I'll accept the idea of 5D consciousness thinking where I am glad that it happened because it was interesting. Interesting for my storyline and my own character development. I like who I am and life is a game. It would be boring without events and occurrences like these. I am grateful for the spiritual lessons and all of the above. I am glad that I am cherished, loved, and seen by myself, where I stand, God, my angels and guides and I am glad I could help. Even if so much of it goes unseen and I am not seen. Am I a force of good or evil? Well I guess I am just a force of me and we are all connected so I am a force of you too. 


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