The Woman in the Mirror: My Higher Self and "Mother"

 Who is the consciousness that watches you see? I know, it sounds weird... what does that even mean? In my experience. There is a deeper part of you, a deeper layer of who you are and your consciousness that is behind the eyes you see from. It's not just some metaphorical thing it is also, physically. As if a deeper part of your brain gets unlocked or noticed. Call it your pineal gland, hypothalamus. Physically, it does feel like a different part of your brain stepping forward but not forward... but out like it is being exposed or revealed. My favorite analogy would be to explain it as a deeper consciousness of you shoving the upper layers out of the way. Take notice, there is a deeper part of you watching you watch through your own eyes in your brain... can you tap into it? Sit back further into it? Slow down your brain to connect with it?

I guess what I am asking is... are you awake or asleep? Now, you don't need to be awake or asleep but just know there is a more compassionate you watching everything that you do. Seeing you go through everything you have ever been through. Dare I say, loving you in all its empathy having watched you grow but not only that. It's a part of you that sees, and knows all. Sees the things you don't see because it is always there. Always observant. In my experience... it takes work to get there. Feel or know it is there but not even that... embody it. To be it. Awaken to it yes but to express it, align with it, and keep it. 

My Experience:

There are a bunch of thoughts that pass through my brain. Honestly I pick up on them. Sometimes, they are not my thoughts. That's the gift of it. That is how I receive messages from my spirit guides. Thoughts are just vibrations/energies and I pick up on them. My intuition can pick up on thoughts. The thought of me or about me because that is the transaction of those thoughts. "Sending negative energies" to someone is just that. The words you speak is spell work and their name is their address. The thought of them is their mailing address. It's a "portal" or direct connection. We truly have more power than we know and we truly do "reap what we sow" in terms of karma. So what does this have to do with the deeper me?

It is what I call "mother". It is my own soul and in my experience, this part of me is more developed. Highly in tuned, highly in love with life with a truer level of peace I have never known. It is such a level of connection and power in peace that can't be expressed, only experienced. Why do I call this piece of me "Mother"? Well, it is the only home I have ever known. The only "real" mother that I have had. In such connection with oneness and of a higher vibration. Home is your soul. Home is the vibration of love. Home is yourself and the deeper layer of yourself. Your heart, your soul, and that vibration.

When I am of a higher vibration and I can not only connect to "mother" but embody that energy and higher state it truly is drastically different. It is a completely different way of life. Let's go back to those "thoughts". Sometimes, I get angry at those thoughts. Sometimes those negative energies sent to me are taunting. They try to trigger or "lower" you. Lower your vibration with anger and such of the like. Your purest vibration is a staple of you. All you can do is "narrow" your light by crowding, specifying, or manipulating it. Thoughts of the mind and reaction by an illusion of confliction, creates it. I must attest, I am currently learning how to get past this and it does take a lot of strength and grace. At some point, I do get fed up with thoughts that seem continuous or unending. Perhaps the fear of my own safety comes up, and in my tiredness I have decided that I've "had enough". So fault of me, fault of who, I become defensive, exhausted, and irritated. I do in fact get angry and express myself in my stubborn mind but what does "mother" do? Well, she doesn't fight at all. She doesn't indulge herself and that is a strength I wish to train within myself in lower states of being. "I am my mother's daughter".

Can you imagine? Thoughts that perhaps scream at you in anger or contest to who you are and make you question yourself or doubt yourself. Man, I just wish to walk away, blur it all out sometimes. You can ask me... "but hey, isn't this just yourself? Just yourself and your subconscious mind?". No... I've told you. I've worked extremely hard with myself in clearing all of that. So much so... I found Mother. I have been able to transcend into higher states of being and I wish to well, mimic her. "as above, so below". I wish to in an essence be her or align with this more intrinsic part of me. Mostly, I wish to be a reflection of her... of "mother"... of me. They are all the same, just different aspects and versions, All you just different levels of consciousness. From lower and higher and this is why, I have a "princess" inside of me. My inner child perhaps? No, my mother is my higher self, more developed and spiritually "grown" or developed. My "child" is the one in a lower state of consciousness or timeline that is perceived as "separate" but all the same. My "intelligence", ego, 3D or 4D me, left hemisphere, masculine, or however you want to make it make sense is even disconnected, asleep, and for the most of my life... completely unaware of it all. It's like who I am is all chopped up. That is the part of me that gets angry. That is the part of me that doesn't understand and is alone in the "darkness". Consciousness is limited in that "dimension". So then it is, mother, maiden, and crone. Left hemisphere of the 3D and right hemisphere of the 5D picking up in real-time my reality. 5D is a little more spatial where it can sense the "unseen" and grasp the future or vibration of certain things. Therefore, it is "intuition". Truthfully, and stay with me here, "mother" would be the crone aspect in this theology but I'm talking about experience. She sits in the back part of my brain but she also is in the heart of me once connected to that chakra. That is her truest voice and the communication of her... the connection. It's your heart space.

 It gets kind of confusing but I have had a good amount of experiences. One of complete connection of the embodying of her in both head and heart and then the separate connections of just "head" and then just "heart". You have to be connected to your heart charka first of all. If not, you might just get your head because there are blockages and that's dangerous waters to be in. The blockages can be anywhere from past life betrayals, very traumatic deaths left unhealed, or even a goddess level wound outside of your scope, understanding, or even control. If it's just your "head" then you are an observer and you can feel like a puppet with strings with your actions. If it is just your "heart" then you are also an observer but you are a glowing string of light to yourself.  It has to be open and full of love but even that gets kind of tricky sometimes (if not connected and grounded in your reality) because it is a higher aspect of your self and it is across many different realms and of many purposes. It has more than one purpose... you have more than one purpose. For example, I connect to that piece of me and all of a sudden I am not only a "mother" to myself but a mother for someone else. I will skip over this fact but we will leave it at, truth be told, I am a spirit guide for someone else currently living a life as I am living my own. I connect to that (the portal of my heart) and I connect with all the different versions of that other person. Past, present, and future... I was always there with that person, right beside them as, well, news flash... that person is to me. That other person, is my spirit guide and we are living mirrored lives. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. The Mother and Father aspects of all. The higher you go in vibration the closer in touch to god source that is. At a certain point you get, the Mother and Father of all things. Adam and Eve. God and Goddess.

So why do I talk about this? Well first off, I would like to mention how big of a blessing it truly is to have a mother deep in my chest. Who takes my hand when I have fallen? Who comforts me in my thoughts? Who holds me tight that I can rely on to always be there when traversing through the past memories too painful to bare alone? Who knows me like nobody else does? The woman staring back at me. The woman in my chest. The woman who sees me, knows me, loves me, cares about me, protects me, nurtures me. Who has been there all my years? 

Did I teach myself how to mother myself? Who stood as my example? To mother yourself without knowing what that looks like? When I had to go through "inner child" healing, who was there? I was the broken child so who was there? When I realized that I had to learn how to mother myself because I didn't have one. Yes, I went looking and what did I find? A mother who had been there through all of my years. When I was a child, I remembered how I use to go downstairs early in the morning to go check if the fruit was finally ripe enough to eat. I remembered how I use to talk to somebody in my head. A lovely energy with a lovely presence. When I would clean the dishes and the kitchen as a small girl, I would talk with a female energy. Of course, I didn't know. I just knew that this voice would ask me about me and talk about my favorite things. Asking me questions and interacting with me. "How do you like this?" "What is your favorite topic in school?". I would ask the energy questions and she would help me, guide me, talk to me, and love me like a real mother would. My favorite part you ask? She would gift me with knowledge and intrinsic advice I had yet to know, understand, or think when I was that age. She would soothe me, calm me, embrace me, and steady my head and my heart. She truly was, well, "real" and she was wise and she is lovely... and she is me. 

The Woman in the Mirror

When I look in the mirror, I see myself but then, someone else sees me. Someone else uses my eyes to see through to what I see. It feels disconnected of course. You might think you are possessed or something to have different consciousness of you all crowded in you. Perhaps this is an ability to "channel". When you look in the mirror and see yourself, it knows your thoughts. It seemingly slows down time to caress you in compassion, love, whatever you shall need. Mine... well me, tells me the truth of myself. Yours might just show you in feelings. Mine is strong yet soft spoken, shines so much of truth it can't be ignored and I wind up in tears. Over flowing with accepting love I've barely know and only catching glimpses of. I remember the first time I gained the cognition and awareness of mine. The first thing it wished to tell me after it also gained the awareness that I had just gained the awareness was... "I love you, (my name)". I broke down into tears. That was the first thing I wished to tell myself. How much I loved myself. How much I truly loved myself. Honestly, without realizing that thought or idea. That out of everything, this is what it wished to tell me... I would never have allowed myself to believe it and then, to feel it. That's a big difference. You can know it but can you allow yourself to feel it? Only then can you tap into it and exude it. I'm sorry, you have to get used to loving yourself to allow love in. Sometimes, something in your ego or asleep self needs to break and crumble to see what you have been doing to yourself and how you have been blocking out every wonderful thing yet to be known by man. 

Love is the Highest Vibration

You have to hold it inside of you and in your chest to remain in that frequency to then exude... you. Recommend it or don't recommend it. It is a gift and a wonderful sight to behold just watching you heal yourself. Watching the space in your heart that holds your child be nurtured in such a way previously unexplained, undescribed, and unknown. To watch a mother love and nurture her daughter in such a pure and unconditional love capacity. The true bond and what that looks like and is, maybe what it should be. Especially if you've never had it before or just "think" you don't. To see is amazing. To observe, watch, and experience is something most people will never know. That is why I would like to of course. Align all of that into my physical. After observing and watching, that is how you learn and you can then begin to be that for others but not just that. Imagine seeing that in your reality. A true mother and daughter relationship. The love and almost perfect definition or example of what that looks like down here on Earth! Can't you see how much that heals people? 

It is healing. To watch children run around and playing on the playground, hearing a baby laugh with joy, seeing a dog happy to see you. Unconditional love. That is what it looks like. The vibration of love... that is what it feels like. It feels a lot like home and it warms the soul. Seeing but not just seeing, feeling that... is healing and inspirational. When you see a couple that looks like they truly are in love, what do you think to yourself? Am I in love with my significant other? How can I get what they have for each other with my person or you know what screw it. This relationship isn't good for me, it isn't what I actually want or need... there is better, there is suddenly more, life is suddenly more. Life is suddenly more of life or what it "should" be, can be, suppose to be? Who knows! Life is what you create it and there is hope because there is proof in your physical reality that there is and that it can be or already is... reality

When you see life through eyes like mine and see potential. Life is higher vibrational. When you see through the eyes of God, you know life is already like that and it is in the here and now. The potential of it exists in your reality so it is already in your reality. Life itself becomes perfect. Nothing needs to be changed because it already is and you are creating it just by being, existing, and loving. Suddenly, you are that space within yourself connected to all things. Suddenly, all the things that tell you otherwise become well, ill-important. You now hold the keys to your own self and the oneness of yourself which is the oneness of all things. 

You sit back in your heart, deep within your heart and shine from there. There will be potency in your energy. At one with yourself, at one with the world, home. When you are at that state, everything is as it should be. There is no rush for more. You won't search outside of yourself, you will just drop things that aren't supporting this vibration of you. Every task in life of "hard work" is peaceful, beautiful, and easy. It all loops back around. Where you are is it. It's more than enough, it's special because you are home. Then, of course, you will slowly transform your life to this new vibration of you and your life matches with you and because you are love, you won't "settle" for anything less but not in a begrudging way but in an accepting way and in a loving way. Everything is truly beautiful and it's a greater quality of living where your grass is green right here. 

Thank you for reading, you are loved


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