A Conscious Manifester on the Quantum level: Thoughts Creating your Reality

 This takes manifesting to a whole another level. At a certain given point thoughts are like a wave. Simple energy transmissions pushing out of you and it creates your reality. How? Why? Simple, its communicating. We will have to get out of the whole science of it and I'll put it in simpler terms. Energy communicating and affecting energy on the quantum level that is outside of yourself. 

Me, myself, and I. Empath, psychic, or simply just really observant in life I have experienced it real-time and I have seen the cause and effect play out in my reality at an intrinsic base root level. Perhaps this is the law of attraction or law of cause and effect, but to me it felt like cultivating or manipulating to produce a new experience. 

Based on my own personal observations I have realized that "freewill' is minimal. This is due to energies. Energies influence and even control a person to act out or react in certain ways. This is the "God-form" of all things. Your spirit is a consciousness full of energies because it is just that but also the energies around you. Negative energies will make you react negatively. The law of cause and effect and an object in motion stays in motion. One action or energy produced in a certain vibration pings its way collaboratively to then effect it's surroundings. You are constantly being effected by everything else of everything. Even the energies of the planets and star systems around us in the galaxy. From big, extreme, or minute. Waves and vibrations and all things create causes and they effect. Can you be a consciousness co-creator? Why yes, you can, and you are. 

This is Going to Hurt

I'll give you an example. My own personal example and experience. I was laying back in the dentist's chair, my eyes closed as they were extracting my wisdom teeth. I was receptive and in a meditative state. I was experiencing the present moment. Checking with myself and my body to remain cool and calm, trying to make it like I was relaxing in a salon chair. This wasn't the thoughts creating my reality this was just aligning myself to the truth of how a deeper part of me was experiencing that moment already in all of it's authenticity. My deeper knowing. What can I say? I like to live my best life. However the next things that occurred was something I've experienced before but never known. I've always had a lot of questions about it. Mostly for the difference between manifesting my fears or bad feelings to come true or simply my intuition picking up on the "future". As you can tell, it's not ideal to gaslight your intuition if it's trying to tell you something in actuality because you don't want something "bad" to occur. Well I am here to tell you, either way, you have more power than you think.

I was laying in that chair with the dentist using a tool to extract my tooth. I began to see visions of the tool slipping from his hand and hitting my mouth. I knew it would be painful and that it would hurt. I began to run a diagnostics check with my body. Was this an intrusive thought of my own stemming from a hidden fear? Would the thought of that manifest it to become true? I found that... I was not in a state of fright. I was cool, calm, and collected. They seemed like nerves but not my own. That's when I realized (or with the help of my guides to understand certain things) that I was picking up on the energies around me in my present and near future. I was once told that "you wouldn't be seeing/having those visions if those energies were not present". Which is true, I can not create, simply magnify what's there. Certainly there is more that goes into it but in the present, this much is true. Even seeing a vision from your guides is energies being "sent" to you by or from your guides. This is when I knew and had my discovery hat on. I pulled the scientific knowledge that was gifted to me by my guides recently before this event and began to use it as foundational knowledge to understand the pieces and connect the dots. This is how we jump back into the "quantum level". Perhaps those energies were sent to me or they were created by the nerves of the dentist. Cause and effect, there was a source of the cause but I could manipulate the energies around me to change that outcome in my physical reality. So what was happening around me? I was picking up on the energies there in my present that would then effect my near future with what those energies were and how they would cause certain things to move or shift because of their presence and even involvements. At the time, I did think I was the source creating them so it was like a little "oh no, let me clean this up real quick. I don't want to experience this, I've changed my mind". 

Whatever it was, I realized those energies were present so maybe from myself or the collaboration with other forces of those energies on the quantum level, bigger entities such as my angels, or the already source within myself that I am of one and all things so even those energies are me. I began to attract in what I wanted to experienced by calling in those energies. Weird, huh? Of course, I was skeptical and called it imagination. Played it off like it was something else until it played out in my physical, I was like "huh". 

So I had a vision of the tool falling out of the dentist's hand and hitting my mouth. I knew it was going to hurt. I realized that that was the next sequence of events that were going to play out in my timeline. An astral form of me more in awareness and deeper communication with my guides getting deeper intuitive insight than what I could even perceive or know had a more repulsive reaction then myself with more character and zest for life. "That? I don't want that to happen!". I was an observer since my guides don't have voices and there is no communication when it comes to my noggin. Instead its like going to sleep and observing an awakened part of me spin up into conversation with silent energies. I only hear one side of the story when it comes to actual speech... my own. Its like I am observing a separate part of me communicate with nothing put hey, what can I say, magic is real and I can feel the influence of my guides actually communicating. An awakened, aware, and conscious meditation is what I can call it. 

I sent out my request to the universe and all things around. "I don't want to experience that". Boom, its a manifestation. Will my request be fulfilled? Will there be collaboration within my endeavor? Why yes, of course. The world is appeasing. It wants what you want. Your very excitement for what you want effects other energies to also vibrate into excitement and creates a looped cycle of also wanting what you want. This is why emotions can fuel manifestations, (I have also seen this play out at it's base intrinsic level with another experience I've had, when someone else manifested something and how that effected me as a third party to help that person receive theirs). The universe is a collaborative partying of helping and creating what we all want and would like because we are all one. After sending out what I didn't want, I didn't necessarily have an idea of what it is I did want. I just knew I didn't want to experience pain cause I thought that "I didn't deserve that". Many times in my life I have had this happen and actually accepted the experience of hurt and pain cause who knows, I thought it would be fun. I guess in my current age, I just don't want to experience those things anymore. Kind of tiring and seemed routine of me. I'd like something different. I've tired out that part of me, had enough of my fill. They make good stories of course like when I wanted to have a flat tire and change it all by myself so I co-created a tower moment that would total my car with the added perc of having a single flat tired that I could change all by myself in 20 degree whether with shorts on. Thus fulfilling my "tragic" but fun manifestation that was a blessing in disguise and happened for me. That much was clear and obvious, I even got more money then what the car was worth when it came to my insurance because it just so happened that the cars value increased since I had bought it. Diving timing, my friends. It's happening for you, not to you. Let's get back to the dentist story. 

I knew what I didn't want and I knew what I did... no pain. I semi-visualized an alternative experience or perhaps this was a different timeline I could pull the energies from. Call it creating one or attracting in a real but separate and elusive one. It was all the same and those energies were present and could be attracted. Like attracting like, because those energies already existed. How did they exist you ask if they were not present? Because I found them, attracted them, changed or manipulated the current energies to a different wave form that would vibrate differently and thus cause a different effect, with myself being a cause. All the same, the structure or vibration exists, the pattern of it and the geometric shape exits in the universe and is already known, structured, and categorized by your own soul and source of self of "knowing all". Another way to look at this is that I was communicating telepathically using my thoughts creating waves to then interact and communicate with the energies on the quantum level. This could be in such work as alignment. Aligning the vibration of the energies on the quantum level to match the ones of my created thoughts. Cause and effect. 

So then, what happened? I saw a vision that was "too high up above" for me to really see and I got a one second frame that was barely noticeable. Then, I forgot about it. I might have called it wish wash, didn't care, or just let it go. Not putting any thought into it's "realness". I didn't think it was my imagination but I definitely didn't think it really applied to me. If anything maybe I perceived it as me being "inconvenienced", and nonchalantly didn't care and tossed the whole thing aside. 

A few minutes later, after I had completely forgotten about the whole up above event and seeing and dialogue of everything, the tool from his hand slipped. Crazy, right? The tool slipped from his hands and instead of hitting my mouth, my teeth, or gums. The tool sort of just spinned in my mouth before the dentist picked it up again after a "whoops". No pain... there was no pain. The only crazy part that I could find was that the event still happened or that it did. Sure it looked a little different but my brain stood itself back in a "huh" form. Curious, that that event happened, like I was a little disorientated. Huh, that I saw the event in my head and then it happened. It was good that it happened cause then I could attach that physical event with the forgotten memories of my truer experience. To then remember and realize. It's not all nonsense and whish-wash now is it? When you know something, it's science. When you don't know it, it's magic. To me, it seems like the real truth of existence and the truth of me coming into conscious light and awareness. It has always been there to begin with even if unseen or not noticed. It's still there but now awareness is aware of itself. What a way to live. 



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