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My 12 pound pup is a murderer. The only one to blame is me. In the Beginning When I first brought my 8 Barred Plymouth Rock chicks home; I was careful to observe and introduce my two dogs to them. My dogs were interested but not aggressive... never aggressive. In fact, the chicks would crawl over them. Riley (Blonde Killer, Left) Stella (Black Killer, Right) I knew when the dogs didn't even pay attention to the chick that it wasn't going to be a problem. I scolded them when they got to close or any activity around the chicks I felt promoted unsafe behavior. The dogs knew they were small and vulnerable so it was easy for them to be careful around chicks and didn't ruff house. The black dog (Stella) had a nature mother instinct towards the chicks while my dog, Riley, just didn't care. Stella Golden Doodle with chicks The Signs When the chicks were small it was no problem. When the chickens grew up, now I realize there were so signs. To understan


I've spent my whole life in the traditional public education system: 12 and a half school years, 2,250 school days, 13,500 hours of my life in school. That means I spent approximately 1.54 years of my life, just in public school. (In case you were wondering how I did my math. From kindergarten to 11th grade plus a semester. So basically I ended after my 1st semester of senior year. With 180 days dedicated to school and 6 hours of school dedicated to everyone of those days. Well of course I'm not a saint. I did miss about 200 days of school in my life... I'd say that is pretty reasonable.) What if I told you You can finish school as young as 13 to 14 years of age.  (My Math: By taking a semester of school during the summer it accounts for 1/2 a school year since you need two semesters to = one school year. That means about 8 years for 24 credits. A full Diploma.) This plan is one public school year and a summer of 1 semester on online school. Each online class