Where are my flock of HIGHSCHOOLERS out there trying to get a job?!

Cause that was me! and boy do I have some tips for you!

A job equals freedom. It is the gateway to a car, money, and bragging rights.

"Mom, I'm too tried to do the chores, I had a long day at work..."
"Okay honey, I'll get your brother to do it."
"Okay honey, you can do it after you shower and rest."
(I usually get the second one)

Getting a job was the only thing I had on my mind, and when I turned 15 I tried to get one. Now I can definitely tell you the chances of you getting a job at 15 is like 15%, UNLESS you have connections, which you probably don't... so moving on.

Aaaahhh... The luxurious age of 16. At this time you either have a car or you don't. If your like me, you don't. Time to start saving.

Getting a job

Businesses are fine with having teenagers work for them. The only problem is they would rather not be your first job ever. This can be avoided by using different strategies.

An actual Picture of where I work... I'm serious

Step 1: The right job for you
If you want to work at McDonalds that's perfectly fine. However if you have a passion or really like a business, I would suggest you apply there. 

For Example:
I love animals and overall farming/gardening. 
The Businesses that interested me are Grifs (my local feed store) and Florida Nursery Mart (a plant Nursery).

At this age the only problem you will encounter are businesses turning you down because you are not 18. They mostly want 18 year olds because they can be trusted with closing the place and working weekdays during otherwise school hours. 

This happened when I tried to apply for Grifs.

Step 2: Application

Its application time and if this will be your first job, there are two strategies to make sure you get the job. It would be better to use both strategies! 

Strategy 1: 

The best way to fill out your past job section of your application is to put down "jobs" given to you that didn't pay money but didn't give you something in return.

For Example:
I worked as a Horse Camp counselor for Horse lessons that were valued at $65 for an hour. I worked 8 hours a day so 65 divided by 8 is $8.12 an hour or $9 for embellishment.

Another job I had was 250+ volunteer hours for a non-profit organization. On the side they had petting zoos like paid $20 for 2 hours. That's $10 an hour I earned.

Since you don't have to specify how many hours you worked there, and only how long you worked there, even if I only did two petting zoos 6 month between each other that's 6 months I've been working there.

Make sure for the reason why your job ended, you put that summer ended. That way it ways a mutual decision and no turmoil.

DO NOT LIE ON YOUR APPLICATIONS, ENCASE THEY CALL YOUR "LAST JOB". Merely stretch the truth with plausible facts, use your innocence, that you didn't know you did it wrong and
that your very sorry.

Strategy 2:

This strategy really brings up your chances of getting the job. It shows commitment and responsibilities. All you have to do is speak to the person in charge. When handing in your application, ask for the hiring manager. If the manager is not there, ask when he/she will be in and come back at that time and ask for the manager again. Keep showing up. Everyday other day if you have to. 

This shows them that you really want the job.

I did this when I applied to the job at Grifs. Unfortunately they wanted someone older and someone with more experience. Even if you try your hardest you still might not get the job... and that's okay.

Step 3: Plan Ahead!

This is very important and thanks to my father who taught me this tip, you'll get to know it too! I didn't get the Grifs job but I did get my second job on the list Florida Nursery Mart. Don't get me wrong I love learning about the plants and its helped me grow as a person but I'm tired of it. Its not ideal for me. Its hot being outside all day, but what really gets me is that I never get to sit down. That takes its toll, especially mentally. When your feet hurt and you can't do anything about it. You may be asking then why don't you just quit, but here's the secret, DON'T!

Its very important to think about your next job. If its going to be better pay or better overall. If you do decide to leave your first job ever, your second job will look to see why you left that job. If they see you only worked there for 2 weeks they won't hire you. At the very least wait 4 months before quitting your first job, 6 Months is ideal. 6 Months means your just ready to move on with your life as your life shifts and changes. 2 Weeks means your lazy and can't hold up a job.


How to choose your Job after Job

When you get your first job trust me its not gonna be rainbow and fairy tales forever. The only thing keeping you coming back is the money. After working at your job for 6 months it is your choice to continue working or move onto another job. 

Thing you want to keep in mind/ask yourself

Does this job have better pay?
Can I get to this job easier?
Does this job better fit my schedule?
Does this job give me the amount of hours I want to work?
Will this job make me happier?
Do I have a chance to get this job?
When I'm transitioning jobs am I gonna be in a period without pay?
Am I gonna be in a period with 2 jobs at once?


Things I didn't know when started my Job

If it helps you feel better here's a list:

How to work the register. 
How to clock in and out.
How lunch breaks work.
I didn't know any of the plants I was selling.
I didn't know how to help costumers.
I didn't know what to do with myself.
I only had two pair of pants and worked 3 days straight.
I lost one of the pair of jeans.
I didn't know we got an employee's discount.
I didn't know I would make friends with my coworkers.

Its not that bad... just apart of life.


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